Alanna – The International Teacher [Episode 4]

I interviewed Alanna Franklin last fall. She is completing her second year of teaching in the UAE.

Alanna Franklin teaches in the United Arab Emirates. Hear the process of how she got to this unique and fascinating country.

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Alanna explains the photo with her students dressed up: “I like this photo because it shows some of the diversity– it was taken on culture day with each of us wearing our “cultural” clothes…Egyptian, Mali (an?), American, and Emirati.”

She’s also with them on a bus: “I also attached one of our class in the bus after or before “Sports day.”



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Cool Dad Sweaters [Episode 2]

Cole Winton and Colton Heyen. They’re the epitome of cool. But if you talked with them, you’d realize you were talking with two normal guys. Guys that have dreams and goals for their life. And they’re working on them right now.

In this podcast, you’ll hear the story of two graduating Seniors who decided to take on a business venture involving embroidery and a trunk full of sweaters.


Welcome to our first podcast! Before our first interview, we wanted to explain who we are and our purpose for creating this podcast.

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